Guidelines for Abstracts

Participants are invited to submit proposals in the following formats.
All proposals are due by 15 February 2016.

Research paper
Presentation of the results of original research, critical scholarly review, or theorisation. Presenters will have 30 minutes for presentation (20’) and discussion (10’). While there is no formal limit on the number of paper proposals submitted as an author/co-author, proposers should exercise restraint, to help ensure that there will be room for others on the programme.

Download abstract template for research paper

A group of 3–4 paper presentations delivered by a group of authors or collaborators united by the panel topic. Papers will consist of original research, scholarly review or theorisation. Proposals must establish the relevance, originality, and significance of the proposed topic. Topics could take many forms, e.g. diverse responses to a central problem or question, a structured dialogue or debate, reports from a comparative research project, or a critical discussion of an important new scholarly book. Each panel presentation will have 90 minutes for presentation and discussion.

Download abstract template for panel presentation

A visual display normally used for preliminary studies, works in progress, or early-stage research projects for which consolidated results are not yet available.

Download abstract template for poster presentation

PhD paper competition
Current PhD researchers or PhD holders that have graduated since 31 December 2013 may submit research papers derived from their PhD thesis, for participation in the Best PhD Paper Award competition. To be considered, papers should be single-authored by the PhD candidate, and no more than 7,000 words in length exclusive of abstract and keywords. The Prize will be awarded to a paper that has the potential to be published in a leading journal in the field. The winner will be announced during the 2016 Conference dinner.

Paper for Doctoral and Early Career Researchers seminar
Paper presentation at this seminar, to be held on the afternoon before the main conference, is open only to current PhD researchers or PhD holders that have graduated since 31 December 2013. Papers may consist of a report on research in progress or the outcomes of completed research, including theoretical and/or methodological innovations. Presenters will have 10 minutes to ensure time for 12-20 papers, and discussion, in the seminar. Those who submit paper proposals for this seminar may also submit proposals for the main conference.

Download abstract template for Doctoral and Early Careear Researchers

Submitting proposals

Paper and poster proposals must be submitted only by using the proposal template. The length of the proposal document shouldnot exceed 1,000 words, except proposals for the Early Career Researchers seminar where length shouldnot exceed 300 words.

Panel proposals should be submitted in the panel template. Please note that for each of the individual presentations contained in the panel there should also be a separate completed proposal using the paper proposal. Please send the panel proposal file together with the individual paper proposals in one submission.

Proposals should indicate the track to which they are submitted. The file should be named as follows: corresponding author or panel convenor + track number+ proposal type (e.g. Lucas_T1_paper, Enders_T2_panel, Kim_T3_poster).

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